Summertime, Summertime, Sum, Sum, Summertime!!

For Summer, I am going to change things up a bit. Instead of just telling you about how to bring Jesus home, I am going to give you specific things you can do each week for your mind, body, and soul. Summer is the best time to begin doing something new with your family, because the kids are at home, and there tends to be more free time in the day. I will give activities. You can choose to do some or all of them, but I am focused on three areas;  mind, body, and soul. Jesus didn’t sacrifice Himself just for our eternity in Heaven, but for our life on Earth, as well. So I will be focused on physical and mental activities, as well as spiritual ones.

(Mind) Game: Big Word: “educational”


  • Use the letters in the word “educational.”
  • Using pencils and paper, have the family make and write down as many words using only those letters (no extras) as possible.
  • For older kids and adults, don’t tell them the big word, just mix up the letters from the word, and see if they can guess the big word.
  • For younger kids in elementary school, allow short or one letter words.
  • For older kids, tell them they can have no less than 3 letter words.

(Mind) Discussion: This is a question to discuss with your kids/grandkids that should interest them. If it doesn’t, you may want to come up with an alternate question.

Younger kids: What is your favorite kind of bug? Why? If you don’t like bugs, why not?  Did God make bugs? Why do you think He did that?

Older kids: What bothers you the most about your school?  How can you help to make it better?

(Body) Exercise: Take a walk around the block. Look at the colors of the houses/apartments you pass. What colors are mostly used for apartments and houses? How many are white, tan, blue, etc. Is your house or apartment painted the most popular color? (You may want to take a pencil and paper to keep track?!)

(Soul) Discussion: What is your favorite Bible verse? If you aren’t sure or don’t have one, Google, “most popular Bible verses.” Discuss why these might be the most requested verses on Google. (Also, look at and look at “The 25 Most Read Bible Verses.”)